Funk’n Dangerous Dogs

The Night Dogs return to the hippest nightclub in Barcelona, El Paraigua, Saturday, October 11. Come early or reserve a table in order to relax with a cool drink and…

The bigger the dog, the harder the bite.

Los perros grandes muerden duro

Who let The Night Dogs out?

This is a public bulletin: The Night Dogs have been seen “funking” the Barrio Gótico. Please use caution when you see them. Their “bark” is much more dangerous than their…

The Night Dogs “funk” the Harlem with Pepe (perro Alpha) Gómez

Tuesday, July 1, at 22h The Night Dogs with special guest Pepe Gómez, will host the jam at the Harlem Jazz Club.

Mad Dogs and Irishmen invade El Paraigua

Saturday, May 10 at 23,45h THE NIGHT DOGS will be bringing their “Funk’n Dangerous Blues” to El Paraigua. Make your reservations or come early, because there is always a “House…

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